Relaxing swimming pool with the counter

Swimming in this pool helps to overcome stress and muscular fatigue

Kids pool

Small pool at which the smallest guests of our wellness center can swim under parental supervision.


The sauna has a healthy influence on a human’s body. Muscles relax,joint mobility rises, metabolism accelerates and thermal regulation improves.

Salt wet sauna

Salt has a beneficial effect on the skin – provides its natural peeling and total blood.

Steam bath is especially suitable for allergies, cold and all respiratory diseases, rheumatic difficulties, and the overall detoxification of the body.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on human health. It is excellent in the prevention of various diseases and to help stimulate the body’s defense.  The body eliminates toxins through the perspiration. Perspiration from the body all the toxins leach.

Herbal steam sauna

Herbal steam sauna is a unique procedure for body and soul. It has a relaxing, desinfecting, antiphlogistic and healing effects.

Eucalyptus steam sauna

Eucalyptus steam inhalation is used for the prevention of viral infections, bacterial infections and bronchial passages. This sauna is effective in the treatment of rhinitis, allergies, and other respiratory diseases.

Floral steam sauna

Floral steam sauna uses pleasant effects of heat, moisture vapor, perfume and peace.  In the steam sauna you get a pleasant feeling of recovery and regeneration.

Infrared sauna

The warming of the body through the infra-red emmision stimulates metabolism, slow the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Activity, resistance of healthy body parts and organs is increasing! The body is purified and rejuvenate inside and out!


Whirlpool, friendly aqueous micro-massage, which releases every single muscle in your body.